"Adds tremendous security!"
Not only is the Motorola Flex Smart Safe is a valued part of my home but also a must have for when I travel. The simple fact that the unit is a smart safe, for me, adds tremendous security. The Motorola Smart Safe App notifies me when open and reminds me when I forget to close it. 10/10!! Couldn't recommend the Motorola Flex Smart Safe more.
- Amy, New York, NY
"It fits perfectly in my medicine chest"
I was so impressed with this little safe, I bought 4 more. One each for my two adult children who have small children of their own, one for my husband and an extra. It fits perfectly in my medicine chest. 
- Karen, Glendale, CA 
"Installed in seconds with no holes!"
My son just finished his freshman year and one thing he really needed was a safe storage place where he could keep small personal items safe and private in a multi-roommate environment! Just bought it and installed it in his closet in seconds with the no-tool installation which is what is needed for all 4 years of college as you can't put holes in the walls. All he has to do now is install it in the fraternity house next year, store his stuff and everyone will know if anyone tries to access it, an alarm on the safe will go off and a real-time alert to his phone! Awesome! 
- Happy Dad, Bronx, NY 
"I wish I had this 10 years ago"
This is a nifty, light duty safe, designed for medicine chest or a cuboard or a drawer. The fittings are top notch, and its easy to install and program. The safe uses tension to remain intact and in place. Perfect for a pill safe, I really wish we had something like this towards the end of my mother's life ten years ago when she was on heavy duty painkillers. 

- Drew, Charleston, NC 

"Well worth the money!"
This is really well made. It won't stop anyone who is absolutely determined to get in it perhaps, but otherwise it is just perfect for keeping meds and other potentially dangerous things away from young people. The Wi-Fi feature is really nice too. Just a great product and well worth the money!
"Give yourself or others access with no keys"
This safe a is a great way to safely secure items and give yourself or others access with no keys. With my kids always forgetting there keys...I could secure them in the WiFi enabled safe and remotely give them access or they can access it themselves via there phone. I have had others check my home for me while I was away and giving them access via the WiFi safe. Works great!
"Unlock it from anywhere!"
Love the smart safe. I get notified if its touched by anyone other than me. Plus unlock from my phone so my family can get access when needed.
"I use it everyday in my business when collecting small cash donations"
The Motorola Bolt Smart Safe is the perfect size and blends traditional use with technology seamlessly. The app accessibility and real time alerts are a great feature as is the remote access. I use it everyday in my business when collecting small cash donations for the non-profit that I manage. The remote access is a great way to allow my colleagues access to deposit cash too. 
- Erika Obando 
"Part of my daily routine"
Between the dog walker and the cleaning lady, my home has regular unattended visitors coming through while I am away at the office. I store my valuable jewelry items including watches in the safe with it secured inside a dresser drawer to ensure that my favorite things are secured. The Smart Safe technology has become part of my daily routine, with easy app unlocking I can get in and out quickly when I am rushing to get out the door in the morning. 
- Cara B.