Q: The Bolt and Flex safes are It’s made of plastic. Is that safe?

A: Yes! These units are designed to store everyday items such as your wallet, passport, event tickets, keys, everyday jewelry and other personal items.  Where the physical security ends, our cutting-edge technology takes over. Our smart safes have an onboard alarm system and motion, shock and tilt sensors. With traditional ‘non-smart’ safes you will never know if anyone attempted to (or did) gain access. Our smart safe technology reports real-time security alerts to your smartphone to let you know the status of the safe.


Q: Why would I want the Motorola Flex with expandable wings for non-permanent installation?

A: There are many places where you are not allowed or do not want to put holes in the wall (dorm room, rental apartments, mirrored medicine cabinets, etc.). The Motorola Flex allows for easy, no tool installation in these areas.  If you want and are able to secure your smart safe to a wall, the Bolt smart safe comes with all required mounting hardware and an easy-to-use template for easy installation.


Q: Can a hacker can gain access to my safe and open it remotely?

A: Seconds after closing the door the Motorola Smart Safe goes into ‘low power mode’ and is “offline”, making it unavailable to potential hackers.


Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: They have been tested to last 4-6 months under ‘normal’ usage (opened/closed 2-3 times/day).


Q: What if my Wi-Fi goes out?

A: The safe will locally store all events and will transmit all stored events once Wi-Fi is restored.


Q: Why this shape/size?

A: The Bolt and Flex smart safes were initially designed to fit in a standard medicine cabinet to lock up prescription medication. That initial use case prompted us to design a safe with a water-resistant keypad, non-scratch feet (and wing pads on the Flex), a tilt top roof for spill off and a humidity control system (humidity degrades the potency of medication).  


Q: Are there any other sizes?

A: The Motorola XL Smart Safe is larger and has a reinforced metal cavity to further secure contents. The XL Smart Safe is be equipped with a quick access fingerprint reader, an interior USB charging port, and interior LED lighting for easy identification and retrieval of stored items.


Q: If new features come out, would I have to buy a new safe?

A: No! Our technology allows us to send out “firmware” updates to the user to download. To download the update, the user will simply need to “wake” the unit by pressing any button on the keypad.