Bolt Smart Safe

Bolt Smart Safe

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The award-winning Motorola Bolt Smart Safe safeguards your belongings and sends 24/7 real-time security alerts to your smartphone to help you, "stay connected to what you want protected."

Designed to securely store every day items that need to be secured, yet regularly accessed, the Motorola Bolt Smart Safe mounts securely to your wall using the included hardware.

The Motorola Bolt Smart safe is constructed with a shatter-resistant ABS/polycarbonate blend that allows for light weight and flexible placement in various settings, including high humidity environments such as bathrooms, where metal safes are far less than ideal.  The light weight and efficient form factor is also perfect for placement in drawers, bookshelves, cabinets or anywhere in the open.

The Motorola Bolt Smart Safe features a motion, shock and tamper detection system, audible and visual alarms, water-resistant keypad, humidity and odor control system, remote open capability, an intelligent reminder system and other security features.

Product Dimensions (L x W x H, in inches):  13 x 3.5 x 6

Product Weight (with batteries):  2.9 pounds